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Patricia McCarthy-Henry is the creative knitwear designer behind the label, PMAXI Bridal Knitwear. Patricia has always been fascinated that you could create something starting from a single strand of yarn and that has become an important feature of her work practice which is based on minimal waste design and every scrap of waste yarn is saved for use in other projects. She believes in timeless styling and releases one collection a year.

SOMETHING OLD SOMETHING NEW is a capsule collection of exquisite bridal knitwear coverings. Her dreamy, romantic knits are endlessly inspired by the sensual females in Pre-Raphaelite paintings, fungi and her love of texture. The title of the collection is the opening of a well-known old English superstitious rhyme associated with matrimony.  In the poem the meaning of something old represents continuity, while something new offers optimism for the future. These two sentiments are perfect expressions of her philosophy to this collection; her use of reclaimed and deadstock yarns alongside the use of sustainable locally sourced and produced virgin yarns.


It is also reflective of the manner in which she produces these beautiful pieces of knitwear. Patricia creates on a vintage domestic knitting machine that she have lovingly restored and work in a little weatherboard studio that she renovated with her husband. Making something old new again is a concept that she embraces and which allows her to design with a more considered approach.

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